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Eye Herpes – What is It?

While most people know that herpes is an infectious virus that presents itself in the form of cold sores (HSV1), and genital blisters (HSV2), many people are unaware that herpes can present itself in the eyes as well. Herpes of the eye is caused by HSV1, and its medical term is herpes simplex keratitis. Herpetic


Can You Transfer the Herpes Virus to Your Baby While Pregnant?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that is passed on from person to person during close sexual contact. Herpes is transmitted by genital to genital contact as well as by the oral/genital route. Herpes flare-ups vary from person to person, and while one common belief is that it cannot be spread when the infection


Garlic Treatment for Herpes?

Does Garlic Help With Treating Herpes? Herpes is a virus that is transmitted both sexually and orally, and at this point in time is considered incurable. In certain individuals, severe herpes symptoms only occur once or twice, and they often go for long periods of time in between outbreaks. In others, herpes and cold sore symptoms