Lysine and Herpes – Suppression Of Outbreaks


Human beings have an amazing way of naturally healing from illness and infection, and the human body regenerates itself every day.  However, there are important supplements that the body does not produce on its own that are needed for healthy functioning and healing, and one of these supplements is Lysine.  Lysine is known to help individuals with herpes by minimizing outbreaks and slowing down the progress inside the body.

How does Lysine work? Lysine works by minimizing outbreaks in people who have the herpes virus. It is a wellknown fact that Lysine works extremely well in minimizing outbreaks of cold sores and fever blisters, commonly caused by HSV-1.

Lysine is found in chicken and fish, and it can also be found in dairy products. There are also special supplement tablets that work well for vegetarians or for individuals that have concerns that their daily food intake will not contain enough Lysine, which is said to work best when at least 312-1200 mg per day in individuals looking to treat their herpes virus.

Lysine binds to another amino acid in the body called Arginine, and when combined, the amino acids have a positive effect on the body.  Studies show that diets high in Lysine and low in Arginine work well to lower the risk of herpes outbreaks and also minimize symptoms.

By choosing a multivitamin that contains Lysine, or by taking a Lysine supplement on a daily basis, you will get the nutrients and amino acids you need in order to increase your immune response and prevent future herpes outbreaks.  You will also feel noticeably healthier and energetic, which will help contribute to your overall well being and assist you in fighting this virus.

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