H-Balm Outbreak Eliminator

H-Balm is a natural topical herpes treatment proven to inactivate and destroy the herpes virus in independent published clinical trials.

How to use it?
The anti viral extracts in H-Balm are highly specialized. Use of these products often results in permanent elimination of herpes outbreaks causing cold sores and genital herpes. Upon application, immediate pain relief and ease of symptoms are almost always reported.

H-Balm is being used more often than certain prescription medications to manage herpes outbreaks. Many enjoy the advantage of using a proven effective formula to manage and suppress outbreaks without the potential negative side effects that one may experience from using prescription drugs. Our research showed promising results, however, to completely control herpes outbreaks we had much better results with Medavir or Mediviral.

Rank Herpes Product Score Performance Natural Ingredients Concentration Reduction of outbreak User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 98% Yes 9.8 Read Reviews $89.95
#2 93% Yes 9.1 Read Reviews $79.00
#3 90% Yes 8.3 Read Reviews $59.80
#4 89% Yes 7.2 Read Reviews $64.95
#5 88% No 7.2 Read Reviews $98.95

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