Top Rated Herpes Treatments

Rank Herpes Product Score Performance Natural Ingredients Concentration Reduction of outbreak User Reviews Guarantee FDA Lab Buy Direct Price
#1 98% Yes 9.8 Read Reviews $89.95
#2 93% Yes 9.1 Read Reviews $79.00
#3 90% Yes 8.3 Read Reviews $59.80
#4 89% Yes 7.2 Read Reviews $64.95
#5 88% No 7.2 Read Reviews $98.95



Independent clinical studies have already proven the power of Mediviral’s special ingredients known for their rapid healing time and reduction of breakouts. Mediviral is manufactured in FDA licensed laboratory and recommended by doctors. We discovered it’s much more than a great treatment for soothing pain and discomfort, healing sores and alleviate itching. Used as directed, this treatment can actually prevent outbreaks from occurring forever. We definitely would like to encourage you to give Mediviral a try. The company offers 100% money back guarantee so you have an option to try it risk free.


H-Balm is being used more often than certain prescription medications to manage herpes outbreaks. Many enjoy the advantage of using a proven effective formula to manage and suppress outbreaks without the potential negative side effects that one may experience from using prescription drugs. Our research showed promising results, however, to completely control herpes outbreaks we had much better results with Medavir or Mediviral.


Overall we have had success with using Medavir, we didn’t experience any side effects and the gel seems to speed up the healing process as well as eliminating the blisters.Over the last 9 years, Medavir has been used by over thousands of satisfied customers and is available through TAG Healthcare.  The company provides an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. Please note refunds are limited to the initial purchase and 2 bottles of product. Anyone who is suffering from herpes should take the time to research the product further and see how it can help.


Zovirax worked to subdue symptoms for both genital herpes and cold sores. It definitely helped decrease the duration and intensity of outbreaks.Aciclovir works by stopping the herpes simplex virus from reproducing and infecting more cells. In addition, it does not “dry out” the cold sores which many medications do; shrinking the blisters, but leaving a very hard scab that cracks and bleeds.  The cream is most effective if treatment is started as soon as the first signs of the infection (a tingling sensation), begin to appear, though treatment can also be started after the blisters have appeared.


Dynamiclear has some pretty wild claims but does it really work? Even though, it claims to prevent further oral herpes outbreaks with a single dose application, we didn’t experience any faster healing time or instant elimination of the outbreak. Dynamiclear may not work for everyone but you have nothing to lose since the manufacturer is offering full money back guarantee. We would recommend other alternative remedies before you give Dynamiclear a try.

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