“This is the best natural medicine I’ve ever used for breakouts! It speeds up the healing time and takes aways the pain. Thank you creators of Mediviral!” Adriana, Orlando FL

“I saw my lesions heal faster than when using a topical Zovirax prescription drug.” Ken, Boston MA

“When used before the sore fully forms, it can prevent. I have also found that Mediviral reduces the time to heal the sore” Ozzy, San Diego, CA

“I’ve always had breakouts. Medavir really worked. It cleared it right up. I’m so glad I found it.” Danny V, Sacramento CA

“I told a friend about HBalm product as she had the same problem I had, she too has not had another cold sore for the past 3 months.” Jose, New York NY

“This is the best treatment I’ve ever used for cold sores! Mediviral heals most of them up in about 3 days.” Erika, Houston TX

“First day of cold sore outbreak, I start taking 1,000 mg of Lysine 3-4 times a day together with Mediviral for 5-7 days. The cold sore never progresses, itching stops by the end of the 1st day.” Lollygagger, 35-44 Female (Consumer)

“I have suffered from cold sores my entire life, I never know when they are going to appear. My last outbreak, I decided to try Mediviral topical. Not only did it heal my outbreak in record time, I haven’t had an outbreak in over 11 months.” Sandy, Studio City, California 

“A friend of mine suggested I use Medavir for my outbreaks, as he experienced amazing results. Well, he was right! My cold sores were almost completely healed within 3-4 days!”  Ann, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“This is by-far, the absolute best cold sore treatment! The proof is in the amazing results! No outbreaks for a year!” Paul, Tulsa, OK

“H-Balm worked really well to diminish my pain during herpes breakouts. I’m still waiting for a miracle cure, but this product comes close! It took away my pain and I haven’t had an outbreak in weeks.” John, New York, New York

“I changed my diet considerably by incorporating Lysine-rich foods and I can’t believe what a difference it has made. Not only am I experiencing minimal outbreaks, symptoms are less severe and I feel great as well!”  Jeff, Washington DC

” I replaced my morning coffee with green tea and use Medavir Topical Gel whenever I have an outbreak. My outbreaks are definitely less severe, and the green tea has definitely provided a nice boost to my immune system.” Connie, Miami, FL

“Thank you for your amazing products! My cold sores are gone within 4 days.”  Amy, Seattle WA

“I break out in cold sores whenever I am stressed or under the weather. Thanks to Zorivax, my outbreaks are healed up within a day or two.”  Leslie, Los Angeles CA

“Zorivax is a great product. I apply it at the first tingling sensation and it literally stops the cold sore in its tracks!” Brigette, ON, Canada

“Medavir has changed my entire outlook on my condition. I suffer outbreaks every two to three months and since I started using the product, no outbreaks for six months!”  Mary, Baton Rouge, LA

“Mediviral is my favorite treatment for cold sores! Thank you so much!” Stefanie, Manhattan, New York

“I applied Dynamiclear at the first hint of the familiar tingling sensation. Guess what? No cold sore! Thanks!” Aaron, CT

” I started taking the 90 day recommendation of Mediviral capsules and so far, no outbreaks. I also like the fact that the ingredients are all natural and it doesn’t have any side effects.” Mike, Philadelphia, PA

“Mediviral cream worked well to heal my outbreaks and prevent additional outbreaks. I did not experience any side effects.” Liz, West Palm Beach, FL

“Mediviral is magic in a bottle! No outbreaks for over a year! Thank you!” Sheila, Corpus Christie, Texas

Mediviral has worked wonders in terms of minimizing my outbreaks. I used to experience a minimum of four outbreaks per year, and it has been a year since I started this product and I am currently outbreak free. This stuff is amazing! Ken, Bloomington, MN

 Every time I am stressed, I can expect a cold sore. I have tried everything under the sun to heal them, and nothing has worked as well as Medavir. After one application, I could tell my cold sore was healing, and it cleared up within three days. I will definitely recommend Medavir to my friends. Lisa, Las Vegas NV

 Mediviral works great both as a preventative measure and treatment. At the first hint of an outbreak, I apply Mediviral and in many instances it has prevented the sores from fully developing. When sores have developed, this amazing remedy has minimized their duration considerably. Pat, Studio City, CA

 H-Balm works fast, and the natural ingredients make it a safe and trustworthy product. I get frequent cold sores in the winter, and just a few applications of H-Balm helps me keep the outbreaks at a minimum. Chuck, Billings, MO

 Mediviral has been a life-changer when it comes to my herpes outbreaks. I am lucky, I only have two to three outbreaks per year, but that is still too many in my book. Since I started using Mediviral, I have only had one outbreak in a one-year period. It works great and is all-natural, which I really like. Terri, Scottsdale, AZ

 Dynamiclear works well for me whenever I am sensing an outbreak with even the smallest tingling sensation. I simply apply the topical treatment and it either completely halts the outbreak or greatly minimizes the duration of the sores. The price is affordable too, which is a definite plus.  Steve, Atlanta GA

 I began taking Lysine supplements and applying Medavir whenever I felt an outbreak coming on, and I was amazed with the results. This natural remedy works much better than my prescribed medicine, and I feel safer knowing that the ingredients come from a natural source. Paula, Chicago IL

 I have had active outbreaks (3-4 times a year) since my diagnosis, and I thought I was doomed to a painful and uncomfortable future. I figured I would try Medaviral because nothing else seemed to work, and I haven’t had an outbreak in a year. Just when I was ready to give up, I found this great product. Kathy, Los Angeles, CA

 I suffer from painful cold sores, especially during stress and colder weather. H-Balm not only soothes and heals my cold sores, it works well to prevent additional outbreaks. I highly recommend this great product! Daniella, West Palm Beach, FL

 Topical Medivial is a miracle! I apply it to my lesions as well as to my tingling skin at even the slightest hint of an outbreak. The cream is non-greasy and extremely soothing, and it really works to minimize the overall length of my outbreaks. You can buy it cheaper on ebay. Chris, Temecula, CA 

 I have been using mediviral for a while now, and I love it! I apply it to active sores as well as apply it when I feelan outbreak is coming on, and it not only heals the sores, it prevents new sores from appearing. It is soothing and light and feels great on my skin. GC.

I’ve suffered from outbreaks for the last 5 years, three times a year like clockwork. I decided to try Mediviral after a friend recommended it, and am happy to say I am outbreak-free for the last six months!  Julie, Portland, OR

My cold sores really flare up during hot weather, and are a real embarrassment for a single guy who’s looking to meet a nice girl. My brother told me about Mediviral and I tried the topical gel. It not only soothed my cold sores, they disappeared in record time, and haven’t had any recurrences, regardless of the weather. This stuff works great!  Mike, Washington, DC

I apply Mediviral at the first tingle and so far it has worked to prevent full sores from developing. I will definitely keep using it, it has been a true life-saver. Chuck, Montgomery AL

I started on the 90-day program following an extremely uncomfortable outbreak. During the 90 days, I only experienced one sore which quickly disappeared with the topical gel. I highly recommend Mediviral. Dan, CA

I have been using Mediviral for a year. I started with the 90-day supplements and have had minimal breakouts since then. Whenever I feel a sore tingling, I apply the topical gel and the sore never forms. This treatment is the real deal. Txs. Tom, Valley Glen, CA

My outbreaks have greatly reduced in severity since starting the 90-day program. Once I completed the supplement cycle, I experienced two small outbreaks that were instantly eliminated with the application of the topical gel. I also love that this product is completely natural, as it feels like my body is working to fight the virus as opposed to a medication eradicating it with chemicals.  Alberto, NHollywood CA

I have had intermittent cold sores all my life and figured it was just something I had to live with. My mom heard about Medavir and suggested I try it. I wasn’t expecting much, but it really works! I started the supplements after my last outbreak and have not even had a tingle in six months. Great product!!  Jean, Hollywood, FL

I suffer from once a year outbreaks and even that is too much for me. I started the 90 day supplements from medavir in hopes of preventing my yearly outbreak, and so far so good. Not even one sore. I remain hopeful that I will stay outbreak free. John, Salem OR

Stress is my biggest trigger for outbreaks and I was expecting a bad one after losing my job last month. I started the 90-day supplements of mediviral and am happy to report I’ve not had an outbreak in five months! Great product, great customer service. Susie, Chicago, IL

I am living proof that Mediviral works much better than any prescription. My last prescription minimized my outbreaks considerably, but Mediviral has eradicated my symptoms completely. It’s been over a year now since I have even had a hint of a cold sore. Leonard, Minneapolis, MN



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