Garlic Treatment for Herpes?


Does Garlic Help With Treating Herpes?

Herpes is a virus that is transmitted both sexually and orally, and at this point in time is considered incurable. In certain individuals, severe herpes symptoms only occur once or twice, and they often go for long periods of time in between outbreaks. In others, herpes and cold sore symptoms can be triggered repeatedly through stress and illness. While the agreed upon theory is that herpes is incurable, there are several studies that state that the natural remedy of garlic can effectively treat herpes symptoms, and there are certain alternative medical experts that claim garlic is a true cure-all for herpes.


Garlic and Immunity

Garlic has been utilized for centuries in alternative medicine as a treatment for everything from the common cold to high blood pressure. Garlic contains a high amount of antioxidants and also works well to thin the blood. The antioxidants and vitamins provide a healthy boost to the immune system, allowing for protection against infections and viruses.  Garlic oil contains ajoene, a potent antiviral compound, and while this compound is not found in garlic juice, both substances have shown significant effects on minimizing the herpes virus during testing. When applied to viruses in petri dishes, garlic has been shown to destroy the viruses by 90 percent.


Garlic and Herpes

While garlic has not been publically claimed as a cure for herpes, it has shown amazing results in minimizing the virus. Experts recommend that individuals with the herpes virus, both HSV 1 and 2, eat up to two teaspoons of raw garlic on a daily basis. The vitamins A, B and C in the garlic will provide the immune system with a healthy boost, in turn, minimizing, if not completely eliminating herpes symptoms.  In today’s world, natural remedies are slowly but surely becoming the front runners in alternative medicine, and garlic offers a wide variety of benefits, so there is absolutely no harm in testing out this natural cure.


A Cure for Herpes

While a reported cure seems to be far from a reality, the truth is that garlic is amazing when it comes to treating illness. So much in fact, that garlic pills have been flying off the shelves for the last two decades as a natural alternative medicine for colds, flu, viral infections, bacterial infections and more. Garlic increases circulation and blood flow, and incorporates a large amount of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. When antioxidants are present in the body, they effectively destroy free radicals that cause disease, and work within the system to replenish cells and boost immunity. While certain experts prefer to believe there must be a medical approach for these so-called incurable diseases, there are others that truly believe in the power of natural medicine. By eating just two teaspoons of garlic per day, people with herpes can boost their immune systems and greatly minimize their outbreaks and symptoms. While there are still more studies that must be done, garlic just may be the natural cure for this disease that has afflicted individuals for centuries.



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