The Truth About Treating Herpes Outbreaks With Hydrogen Peroxide

Herpes is a contagious virus that is commonly spread during close sexual contact.  While the most common hypothesis on the herpes virus is that once someone is infected with the virus, they always will be, there are a variety of alternative medicine experts who think otherwise. Hydrogen peroxide is the latest natural remedy that is making headlines as a cure-all for herpes, and the reality is that many individuals who have tried the peroxide treatment have reported a complete halt of symptoms. However, it is important to note that each case is different, and people with compromised immune systems as well as other chronic illnesses may not have the same results as healthy individuals.  Additionally, there are certain side effects that come along with the peroxide treatment, and results are best when using a 35% grade of the solution.


Peroxide Treatment

Peroxide is used to treat herpes in a variety of ways. Swabbing peroxide on open herpes sores creates an instant oxygenating reaction, and viruses do not survive well when bombarded with oxygen. The sores will typically turn white after application, and many individuals have reported that the sores completely disappear after application. The other route of treatment is by drinking diluted peroxide. This is where the treatment can be tricky, as peroxide can be hard on the stomach and cause symptoms such as gastritis, canker sores, and voice hoarseness. There is also a phenomenon called a “healing crisis” that is often reported with the herpes peroxide treatment. The healing crisis is when symptoms actually get worse than better, and individuals may experience flu like symptoms, fever, and painful outbreaks. The alternative medicine experts claim that these symptoms are common and that it is simply the body trying to rid itself of toxins, but these symptoms can also be quite harmful, so it is important for anyone considering peroxide treatment to do their research on potential side effects.


Peroxide – the Natural Cure-All

Peroxide is known for its healing qualities, and works well in preventing infection in cuts and scrapes, treating gum disease, and removing foreign objects such as slivers from the skin. The bubbling oxygen naturally heals everything from cuts to sore throats, so it is definitely possible for this all-natural remedy to safely and effectively treat and possibly cure the herpes virus. Studies are still new, however, but the results are proof-positive that natural treatments work.


In Conclusion

While peroxide is a natural remedy that safely treats a variety of ailments, drinking peroxide on a daily basis can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. For individuals suffering from herpes who are willing to try anything for a full cure, this can lead to stomach issues and more, so it is always a good idea to discuss all treatment options with a health professional prior to starting the treatment regime. Peroxide is affordable and completely natural, and while more research needs to be done on this wonder-cure, it is highly possible that a cure for herpes is closer than we think.

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